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11 March 2009 @ 06:56 am
WUHWOHNOW. I notice how anything I dislike or whatnot, people always get butthurt over it, and I find it hilarious, just because I put it out there. OMGOMGOMGOMGWEEDOGOMGOGMOMGYOUDON'TLIGHTIT?OOMGOGMOG. Like srsly? LOL.

What a whiny lil stupid cunt.
Weed is utterly disgusting, and it shall never touch these luscious lips. I'm too good & smart for that shit. Weed is for the fucking weak minded, and dumbass losers who can't get any other enjoyment out of life, which is their problem. My fact stays, sorrry. Don't give a fuck who accepts it or not. Don't come whining to me about it, because I won't change my mind. That's just how my shit goes, and how it's gonna stay. I don't think it's that fucking serious. Numerous people think nasty ass weed is just ewh. [: So WAHWAHWAHBOOOHHHBOOOHOOO. So enough with my butthurt words. I'm fucking done. I had to lower myself down to a child's perspective for a moment so it can be understood for lil kiddies. Butchyah, I'm done. I just had to say it. Never again, Danielle. :] NEVER AGAIN. Lmfao. I'm on my grown woman now. Sorry Bryan. Dealing with lil kids isn't my thing though.. :[

Dayum. LOL. I love myself.

AN-T-WAYS. I'm joining blogger once I get the hang of it since I signed up lastnight. XD People fucking taint up livejournal, and frankly, it's just yucky now.. well it's been yucky. I just didn't wanna accept it, and now that I do? Ohlordddd...NO.

Blogger looks more like my type anyways. That way I can express myself nicely without abunch of clutter. I won't post my shit here due to the fact that I don't wanna be stalked.

ASHCAKES, I will message you, or im you on msn or something.

So DEATH to lj. You won't be missed. ;]
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